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       Visitors before accept this website service, please be sure to read the terms carefully and agreed to the declaration. access Access to the web site of the behavior and behavior through all kinds of ways to use this web site, will be considered for No objection to this statement covers the whole recognition; If there is any discrepancy, please immediately with this website consultation, and achieve this The written consent of website.
       The first visitors in all behaviors associated with this web site (including but not limited to visit to browse, Use, transfer, publicity), must act with goodwill and cautious attitude; Visitors must not intentionally or negligence or minimize damage to the web site of the legitimate rights and interests, and shall not use this web site Any way directly or indirectly engaged in violation of Chinese law, international conventions and social morality behavior And visitors should abide by the following commitment:
1, transmission, and use information in accordance with Chinese law, the provisions of the international convention, disgraceful consideration meet;
2, this website will not be used for illegal purposes and related network services as well as the legitimate purposes;
3, noninterference and disrupt this website and related network services;
4, follow with this web site and related network services agreement, regulations, procedures and practices, etc
Article 2 of this web site seriously remind visitors: please reprint, upload or download the relevant works too Will respect the copyright, the copyright of the works; If you found your unsigned works, please and we immediately Contact, we will add your signature in the first place and related processing.
Article 3 unless otherwise specified or Chinese law we have mandatory regulation, this web site users
Original works, and the author share this website copyright, if you want to use other web sites and traditional media, To obtain the written authorization of the site, it is strictly prohibited reproduced or used for other commercial purposes without authorization.
Article 4 the content is on behalf of the author's point of view, only does not represent the views and opinions on this web site That stance has nothing to do with this web site, the author related responsibility conceited.
Article 5 of this web site shall have the right to the published work in this web site is used for other purposes, including website, Electronic magazines, etc, except with copyright statement.
Article 6 not often on this web site and the authors agree that any other organization shall not abuse in any form Made his works copyright, including but not limited to: copy, link, illegal use or reproduced without authorization, or to Any way to establish a mirror.
All kinds of form contained in article 7 of this web site (including but not limited to text, pictures, charts) Work is only for reference use, does not mean this website or disagree with the statement, only to provide more information , also does not constitute any investment advice. For visitors to this web site provides information of all Behavior, unless expressly written commitment file, otherwise, the site does not assume any form of liability.

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