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1. how is the REAL -- PTT market prospects?

      The biggest difference between network trunking intercom and traditional walkie talkie is that the communication distance increased, by using the VoIP network, realize intercom where have the China Mobile communication network . This advantage makes up for the gap in the vehicle industry market. According to the latest research data from an authoritative department show that the domestic public cluster intercom market has tens of millions of users.

2. what is the distinguishing feature of the REAL -PTT business?

       In addition to the hardware sales profit, each device has a service charge every month! Once expand the market, income will continue to increase. This is a stable business model.

3. who can join the REAL - PTT?

1. The operator must be a corporate organization, has a official registration of business license registration book, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate, and at least 2 years of legal operations within the communications industry,no illegal record; 
2. Cooperation operators have independent and fixed office space, equipped with professional marketing, sales, business, technical service personal; 
3. Cooperation operators familiar with the local intercom industry or communications industry, have a certain industry background and resources; 
4. Have the ability to make REAL - PTT get effective promotion at the local.

4. what advantages do REAL - PTT have relative to other network intercom manufacturer ?

1. System software research and development independently , with research and development strength, convenient for secondary development; Existing functional requirements is change gradually on the scene according to user's actual experience , very suitable for the end user , the operation is simple and flexible , easy to learn. 
2. Intercom terminals provide by domestic big intercom manufacturers and GPS manufacturers, professional model , loud voice, affordable, good effect of intercom, guaranteed quality and after-sale, trustworthy, customer rest assured use; 
3. Agent operating alliance business model, and make the agent has more profit space.

5. what is the support that the REAL - PTT give to the joining trader?

       REAL - PTT give franchisees the agent management platform, free to provide technical support and remote training. 

6. Franchise mode

       Agent refers to the company have certain financial strength or customer resource base, certain understanding of the public network intercom products and markets , enjoy the exclusive rights that REAL - PTT have in a specific market. Agent is responsible for the local market development, sales and after sales, operations, etc,Corget Technology Co.,Ltd. will assist the dealer provide software product upgrades and other related technical support.

7. join REAL - PTT application process

1. Fill in the< agent information registration form >; 
2. Contact with the area manager to buy prototype, free open test platform and accounts; 
3. Trying to promote a month since the day of purchase prototype, according to the promotion effect to determine the local distribution qualifications.

Welcome to join public network intercom industry alliance, we have been waiting for you!

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